If Looks Could Kill – Answers and Solutions

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So Toyota has created an interactive game where you play spy girl in a fashion world. We just finished up the game and it’s pretty cute but EASY AS HELL. The game ends 7/21 but if you want to catch up and play the final round here are all the answers:

Ep. 1

Task 1 – Kings Carpet Store

Task 2 – Club Mix

Ep. 2

1. Smashing New Heights

2. 24

Ep. 3

1. Cafe Bistrot De La Lune

2. Wheel Well

Ep. 4

1. Atlantic City

2. www.hamiltonproductionco.com

Ep. 5

1. 6691

2. You need to pick up the crowbar that’s on the floor and smash the lock on the control panel. Then just click around until the new video plays.

You will see a fight sequence and Bianca’s moms is saved.

That’s it for now. The final show down is 7/21.

There are also a few fake website created for the story. They might come in handy during the final episode.



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