Kevin Powell and Dave Chappelle Official Statements On Fundraiser No Show

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Dave Chappelle was a no show at ex-reality TV star turned politician, Kevin Powell’s fundraiser. So the pair have released a statement about what went down. Read the full statement after the jump:

Monday, July 14, 2008

Good day, everyone. I want to thank you all for attending my fundraiser last Wednesday, July 9th, at Eugene. The event was planned to raise money and awareness for my run as a candidate for the U.S. House of Representatives (10th CD – Brooklyn). Undoubtedly, both are critical to winning the election and ensuring a better future for Brooklyn and America.

I want to SINCERELY APOLOGIZE for two major things: 1) The absence of Dave Chappelle due to his missing his flight from Ohio and 2) any problems experienced gaining entry into the venue.

Folks who know me know that besides my community and public service work, and my life as a writer, that I have been producing events for years. Indeed, many of you were among the 1,000 plus attendees to my 7th Annual Holiday Party and Clothing Drive this past December, at Tribeca Cinemas. That event, with a dance party, acoustic lounge, short film festival, and live art, came off without a hitch. And that is the case with most events I create. I SINCERELY APOLOGIZE, again, for any inconvenience caused by the circumstances at Eugene’s.

As a public servant, I take very seriously my love of people. I also take very seriously my desire to ensure that those who I serve are properly accommodated. Additionally, I have no interest whatsoever in lying, manipulating, or deceiving people. Mr. Chappelle made a commitment to be at the event, and he simply did not make it. I WISH that things would have turned out differently in that regard, but they did not. While some of you were understandably upset, I am happy that most of you who sent emails or texts said you were there to support my campaign for Congress.

At the end of the day, the goal remains the same: to change America for our times and times to come. My campaign team and I have committed to ensuring the utmost satisfaction from our guest. We will do better at the next celebrity event. And, as I said from the stage that night, we will admit free anyone who filled out a form before they exited Wednesday night. Our word is our bond.


In response to missing the Kevin Powell for Congress fundraiser “An Evening with Dave Chappelle”, comedian Dave Chappelle issued the following statement:

“I generally stay out of politics however I had planned to attend the event to show my support for Kevin Powell as a friend. Unfortunately and regretfully, I had some travel issues and could not be there.”

-Dave Chappelle

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  • Bernie
    July 16, 2008

    Dave was just treating it like another season of his former tv show.

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