Apple Firmware 2.0 SUCKS!

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My Letter to Apple:

Dear iTunes/Apple,

I am extremely upset with your service. I synced my iPod Touch 2 days ago and was happily enjoying the many cool apps from the new app store. Today at work I downloaded the new Chanel app (yes I love fashion) and then the app store asked me to update 2 apps on my iPod Touch. I hit install updates and let my iPod do it’s thing. The next thing i know my iPod goes black and then I only have the Apple Inc logo on my screen and I can’t get it to work anymore. And since I was at work I could not restore. So tonight I get home and restore my system and the apps I paid for are not saved to my iTunes at all nore are they back on my iPod Touch. I paid $10 for Bomberman and $20 for the beatmaker. Why where the paid apps I brought over the air not saved when I synced 2 days ago? I want the apps I paid for back and your tech department to fix whatever is wrong with the 2.0 firmware. My music seems to load much slower then it did before and my iPod crashes a lot more then it use to. I’ve read several online forums where users are experiencing the same thing I have been. Apple needs to fix this asap.

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  • vert
    July 28, 2008

    Join the club, my Itouch can crash my wireless router. I was mario carting and surfing the net and numerous times my touch would go out while online and knock my Nintendo connection. I was doing the ipod speed test which is another bs problem with the 250+ $ ipods. If you ask me I think the apps on the ipod our fine I think its apples firmware its total waste of money and my investment.

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