More with Aaron McCargo, Jr., Winner of the Next Food Network Star

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Hey guys we are live on the phone now with Aaron McCargo, Jr. the latest winner from the Food Networks Star. As press they set up these conference calls so Aaron is going down a list of questions with the PR folks. So we thought it would be fun to listen in and let you know more about Aaron. And make sure to watch his new show Big Daddy’s House Sunday, August 3rd at 1:30pm/12:30c.

His family’s food habits have really influenced how he will cook on the show. He will be cooking a lot with his mother and his father and his whole family on the show.

He didn’t originally audition for the show. His wife forced his hand to send in the audition tape. She filled out the form and he shot the tape and the rest is history.

His new show Big Daddy’s House, will be wide open and will incorporate all different styles of food. He will also really incorporate a lot of his family into the show and will have some of his friends from the Food Network Star on his show.

Aaron loves cooking soul food but its not “Black food.” It’s about food that’s flavorful and food that comes from the soul.

Aaron is going to keep the dishes simple and will incorporate 5 ingredience or less for each dish that he cooks.

So now that he has won he is going to spend a lot of time cooking the food that he likes and sharing his original recipes.

The best part of the show was meeting all of the other contestants and of course winning.

Aaron is ready to kick of his show this Sunday at 1:30 and hopes that everyone can enjoy cooking with him. Aaron’s show will be on for the next 6 weeks.

Aaron LOVES buffalo wings with blue cheese dressing and loves having fun with his wife.

Bobby Flay and Paula Dean are his favorite host on the Food Network. He feels that they are his second set of parents on the network and will help him out the most.

So that’s it from the conference call. is going to get a one on one interview with Aaron McCargo Jr. and we are also working on getting Sunny Anderson to chat with us. So stay tuned.

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