EZ Street: DC Comics States That Bruce Wayne Will No Longer Be Batman!!!

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Can DC really kill off Batman, now that the movie is super HOT!

From IGN.com:

Though DC and Grant Morrison have been a bit evasive about the outcome of the Batman RIP arc, one thing seems to be… almost certain – Bruce Wayne will not be Batman afterwards.

During Comic-Con, DC ran a teaser image entitled “Battle for the Cowl”. DC’s Executive Editor Dan DiDio suggested later that the caption wasn’t supposed to be there, but happened to repeat the phrase
during a Sunday panel anyway.

The image basically speaks for itself, so let’s get to it. Be sure to leave your ideas, hopes, fears and predictions in the comments thread.

Stay tuned to IGN for some more DC teaser images as well as the latest from Comic-Con. The convention ends later today, but there will be news trickling in over the next couple of days.

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