Usher Fired Benny Medina, Re-Hires Mom

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Usher's Camp New Look - Inside

Here’s a note to Usher from us:

Dear Usher…we love your music and your a cool guy. However, you can’t blame your lack of album sales on Benny Medina. While your last album, “Here I Stand” was cool it wasn’t your best work. It was ok I listened to it once or twice but it didn’t move me like albums of past.

The problem with your image now is that you are old. You have a baby’s mother, a baby, and if I where a 14 year old girl, I wouldn’t really feel you anymore. The Usher who was young, sexy, and a females fantasy…as turned into a father, a husband, and a slight bore.

In order for you to move into this phase of life your music has to reflect that. You have to appeal to the working woman who needs a smooth sexy song from a man. And not a corny song about “making luv in this club.” You have moved out of one audience and into another. So now it’s time to re-invent yourself and more forward.

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  • Tamara
    August 14, 2008

    As a mom, I’m not sure Usher appeals – even if he does have a wife and a child!

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