JoJo Faints on Stage, K-Ci Hates Bill Gates.

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It’s been revealed that JoJo from the R&B group Jodeci suffers from epileptic seizures. Jojo passed out on stage during a performance and all the bloggers when crazy over the video. To add more to is K-Ci was just on Hot 97 spitting flames at all bloggers and stating how he hates Bill Gates for inventing the computer. Click here to listen to the Hot 97 interview.

  • randomnone
    August 25, 2008

    lol why must I cry

  • Laura
    August 26, 2008

    I was at the “Jodeci Reunion Concert” on Saturday night in Sydney and I left after the second song K-Ci and JoJo “sang” because honestly it was sad. Luckily I got a refund but you know what? I would have left anyway because I want to remember “Jodeci” the way they used to be, and leave it at that….in the past.

  • Della Bella
    August 27, 2008

    that was no epileptic seizure! That was high and drunk in full effect. I’ve seen people suffer from epilepsy and it doesn’t look like that. notice how K-Ci and the bouncer didn’t even blink an eye when he fell out! You don’t just jump up when you have an epileptic seizure. They need rehab.

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