Barack Obama is Ready to Fight His Way to the White House

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2008 Democratic National Convention: Day 4

In no clear terms Barack Obama let old man McCain know that he was ready to fight. Barack had been holding back on McCain but tonight he let the world know that he is ready to lead the US into a new day. And I believe him 100% and I’m ready to get the Republicans out of office and create a new nation filled with people working hard, diversity, and hope!

So know that you are watching history! Barack Obama is the first African-American to be nominated by any political party for the HIGHEST office. But even more then that…this election sends a CLEAR message to Washington that we want change. We will not let elected officials sit on their asses and do nothing. Our time is now!

  • Obama is My Man
    August 28, 2008

    Most dynamic speech ever made at a convention. I truly think
    Barack is honest dude, and is truely concerned for the country. Just hope he does “dig Bin Ladane” out of his cave and enilate him and his radical killers. Do U think Hillary is still pissed off and has a “chip” on her shoulder ? Or, is she and Bill really over it ? YOUR Thoughts…

  • Obama is My Man
    August 28, 2008

    Fantastic speech. Hit all the buttons, plus kicked the old man’s ass. I think Obama has the moxy, intellegence, and following to pull this country out of the dump that Bush and his dumb ass VP has put us in. It’s about time all the red neck, predicous people that “have been taught to hate Blacks” let that go and vote for a good man. Forget the color of the skin for a change. The last eight years should tell everyone something about what will happen if we put the old man “McCain” in office. I personally think he doesn’t have enough going to get in out of the rain. I spent a year in Nam myself, and have a feel for what many months in a POW camp could do to a man’;s head…. Look at McCain and you can see…. He doesn’t have a clue about how the main stream people in this country survive… Vote OBAMA – forget the color of his skin and all that “surface shit”

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