90210, a Gossip Girl/Mean Girls ripoff?

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I love Gossip Girl. It’s the best show TV cause it’s trashy, about rich people, and they pull out all the stops to be wicked. It’s not has good as Falcon Crest, Dallas, or Dynasty but hey this is all we really have to go on these days. So when watching the new Beverly Hills 90210 tonight I totally felt like I was watching Gossip Girl, West Coast Edition.

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The first thing you’ll notice about BH 90210 is that the cast of young people are not as cute as the cast of Gossip Girl. I mean really side by side they just don’t match up. The Gossip Girls are smokin hot, has the best looking outfits, and could all be fashion models in W magazine (notice we said W and not Vogue cause we are protesting Anna Wintour until she steps down and lets someone else run the magazine.) The girls on BH 90210 are totally upstage by the HOT HOT HOT Shannen Doherty and Jennie Garth. Sorry but the MILF’s totally rule on the new show.

The only hot chick on the show is the slutty Naomi Clark who is the rich bad girl who always gets her way and her men. She reminds my of a young Elizabeth Berkley from Showgirls/Save By the Bell fame. But her character is wayyy to much like a cross between Blair on Gossip Girl and Regina George from Mean Girls.

Then we have the blogger Silver. She own’s the blog “The Vicious Circle” and makes fun of all the kids at her high school with elaborate flash animations and viral videos. She is like the super powered version of the narrator of Gossip Girl mixed with the Janis Ian character from Mean Girls. Everyone reads her blog and finds out all the good in school gossip via the site. Of course she is always in trouble over what’s posted and hurt people feelings.

We could go on and on about all the things that make it a rip or mashup of the two shows. So I’m hoping that 90210 finds its own voice and stories and comes up with some original material otherwise it’s going to get old to us really quickly.

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  • Ina Lau
    September 15, 2008

    Wow, a blog based themed show that is kind of cool. It must make
    for endless amounts of content needed to create the show. I bet it is
    very funny! I never wanted to check this show out but I didn’t really hear
    much about it but since I ran across this blog I think I am ready to check it out.

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