C. James and the Watchcuff Clothing Line

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What a cool idea this is! Rapper C. James has created a new mens shirt that has already been picked up my major retailers and was just recently featured in Forbes magazine.

Check out this video with C. James as he tells you a bit more about how to “make your Watchcuff bling.”

Check out this interview with C. James as he talks about The Watchcuff. After the Jump.

Q: What is the Watchcuff Shirt?

A: The Watchcuff is the newest and most innovative men’s shirt to hit the urban market and the men’s fashion world. It’s more then a shirt, it’s a luxury item, it’s that pool, it’s that mansion, it’s the marble floors you truly want. We are ushering in a new dress code for the urban market, we are taking everyone out of hoodies and jerseys and upgrading their attire and life style with the Watchcuff Shirt.

Q: What does Watchcuff represent and who is it for?
A: Watchcuff represents upscale living. It is for the men out there who are successful and who aren’t afraid to show it. It’s for the Diddys, the Jigga’s, the shot callers and the ballers. It’s for the people who love living luxuriously.

Q: What is your involvement with the Watchcuff Brand?

A: I will be Blinging the Watchcuff Shirts by recording 3 Hip Hop songs for the Watchcuff Brand. “My Watchcuff Blinging” is the first song that will launch the Watchcuff Brand and it is now available for free download from my website http://cjamesonline.com or his myspace page myspace.com/cjamesonline which has attracted over 3 Million plays so far. Two other songs will then follow: “Watchcuff Blinging On Me” and “Oh My Watchcuff”. I will also produce videos and photos, as well as, serve as the Watchcuff spokes model which can be seen on my website as well. Additional music by C.James is also available on iTunes, Napster, Rhapsody and Amazon MP3.

  • Lil Dee
    September 18, 2008

    dude has a hole in his sleeve to show off a watch…. hmmm.

  • Go Getta
    September 19, 2008

    Pretty tight idea

  • blazin tat
    September 22, 2008

    Whats the website for this? …I heard the song, feeling it

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