Nintendo DSi Coming Soon

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Nintendo has just announced the new Nintendo DSi. It will be a totally new third platform, and not a full blown replacement of the Nintendo DS. The unit will first and foremost do away with the Game Boy Advance slot. This making the unit much smaller. This new unit now has 2 cameras, now both screens are touch screens, a slot for your DS games, and INTERNAL MEMORY! Which means we will be buying and download games over the air. This must be a direct response to the iPod Touch/iPhone invasion of the gaming space. I lost my DS a few months ago and didn’t replace it because of the gaming aspect of my iPod Touch.

And with a ton of games from the Apple app store it makes it kinda hard to want to go and replace my lost DS. With this system Nintendo will also launch it’s on Nintendo shop where you can download games. The new unit is priced at $180. Bad news iis that we won’t see this in the US until after Christmas. Bad move Nintendo…I’m ready to huy.

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