GreasyGuide at the Vh1 Hip-Hop Honors After Party

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Last night was the taping for the Vh1 Hip-hop Honors. Vh1 was nice enough to invite us to their after party jam at club Opera. The club was very nice and just goes to show that they are so many hidden places in NYC. I’ve passed by this place 1000 times but never knew there was a club there. They night was filled with semi-weak drinks but FREE is always good in my book.

The food was very nice though. There where two pasta tables set up. Get could get pizza bread, and a really delicious garlic and olive oli pasta with spinach and Sausage. That stuff was REALLY GOOD! But since I’m still dieting I only had a small portion cause I wasn’t able to go to the gym due to going to the party.

So while we where standing at the bar we see MC Lyte. I’ve met her before and she is very nice. Her looked really cute and I’m loving her hair. She get into the DJ booth and started spinning. She stated off with “Magic” and then went into a lot of my favorite R&B and old school Hip-Hop jams. Then Biz Markie got to Dj and really shut it down. He played a lot of my favorite jams. He is a master DJ and knows how to really get a party going.

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