Elizabeth Hasselbeck MUST GO NOW! Blames Obama for Everything

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It’s time for the View to cut Elizabeth Hasselbeck from the show. She is PURE evil and a racist. She has jumped on the John McCain bandwagon and says that he should be held accountable for the actions of Ayers, who participated in protest bombings of the Pentagon and Capitol when Obama was 8-years-old.

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  • Pepe
    June 23, 2009

    hhHasselbitches latest rant that its Obama's fault the people in Iran are getting killed and hurt is par for the course for this idiot. She wishes he could do more, like start a war, like we did in Iraq??? We spilled the blood of over 5000 men and women and 35,000 plus maimed for what? They are still exploding bombs and killing innocents and will continue til we leave.
    I understand Babba WaWa wants someone to voice her opinions for her, so she won't seem to be a jackass, but hasselscum has to go. She is ansult to all the men and women in the military and to all Americans.

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