My Review of Madonna’s “Sticky and Sweet” Tour

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Last night I attended the Madonna “Sticky and Sweet” show at Madison Square Garden. And the 50 year old Madonna can still dance her ass off. At age 50 she is the poster girl for ultimate fitness. There is not an ounce of fat on her body, and any 20 year old might find a hard time keep up with her dance moves. And the full show plays out to be more of an aerobic work out then innovative vision from the artist that we know Madonna is.

The show mostly centers around video screens. The HD screen can do a lot and can bend and split and show amazing images. But after you get over that you really want to hear more of the classic Madonna which was missing from last nights performance. Instead the latest incarnation of Madonna, she’s hip-hop and R&B Madonna again, was present. And while I like her new album most of her fans, ranging from ages 35-55, did not. I found only myself and few others dancing to the new songs on her latest album like Heartbeat. But the rest of the audience didn’t really know the workds to grove to it. And while it’s good that Madonna has new material, most of us would have enjoyed more old material.

For example, went she did Vogue, it was of course remixed but it was a mashup of Vogue and 4 Minutes To Save the World. And while cute it wasn’t effective. Then the Latin portion of the show was wayyyy to long. Madonna we’ve seen this before and you need to re-edit this portion of the show.

The BEST part of the show comes in with the usage of the HD video screens. Madonna is in the center of the video screen which encircle her while singing “Devil Wouldn’t Recognize You.” It was visually stunning, thing I hadn’t seen before live, and innovative. And this is the Madonna that I know and Love. She is a genius of entertainment but this show is more of her aerobic workout then a groundbreaking piece of art.

And at age 50 she hasn’t nothing to prove! She has done it all and has won. But I also love her message to the people….”FUCK Shara Palin”…and with those words coming out of Madonna’s mouth you know she is a woman in complete control, at the top of her game, and the worlds #1 female entertainment icon. Fearless! Daring! Innovative!….Her Sugar is RAW.

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