Real Housewives of Atlanta Ep. 2 preview clips plus Bethany Speaks

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Check out these preview clips from the Real Housewives of Atlanta. Apparently Kim is throwing a party but doesn’t know if NeNe and Sheree can be in the same room after last weeks guest list drama. Kim doesn’t want to pick sides but NeNe is her home girl. And at this point looks like NeNe is officially don’t with Sheree.

And also Real Housewife of NYC Bethany is watching this new season and blogging about it. I was a big fan of Real Housewives of NYC and I love Bethany. And she puts it best “Real Housewives of Atlanta is an episode of Cribs meets Jerry Springer.”

  • gina
    March 30, 2009

    i find bethany to be the most sincere and yet baddest woman on the planet! you cannot deny her beautiful, clever, amazing, wit that makes all those other bitches look so shallow and JEALOUS that it burns a fire under my Texan ass !!!!!!!!!!!!!!! oh my dear, dear Bethany! you blow those fake bitches away and you better keep on because you make real women proud! I strive for your honesty and drive and beauty and independence! but could we get married already?/ omg my mom threw that in!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Uh, no! TEAM BETHANY!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • gina
    March 30, 2009

    my mom is killin me with a date so unfair! idk-what if i bail?? i want my life back or no, a better one! i wish i was bethany with her fuckin spunk n shit like the ny fairy would hit me over the head n dam im alone in a city that forgets so i wake up to badabing badaboom! man n the life n kids n job! but im 32 i wanna love for real for life i think ima move to the mountains colorado. montana even. yeah. butn ill always have cable!

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