Will the Janet Jackson Tour Resume Tonight?

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Janet is suppose to be in DC tonight to re-start the “Roc Witch U” tour. But as we all know the tour has suffered due to illness from Janet.

“After a thorough medical evaluation, it has been confirmed that Janet’s symptoms are being caused by a rare form of migraine called vestibular migraine or migraine-associated vertigo for which she is currently receiving treatment,” read a statement released by Jackson’s camp and obtained by E! News.

Well tonight is the night for Janet to let everyone know that she is back and ready to work. She has been under doctors care for weeks since being rushed to the hospital. She left a new message for her fans via SayNow.com:

So tonight either Janet will return to glory and finish out the tour or she will cancel again..leaving many of fans to wonder if she will finish the rest of the tour. I still have my tickets and I’m ready to see her on Nov. 1st.

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