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If you know your BET history you know that Hot Ghetto Mess was a good but controversial TV show that was beat down by negative reviews and pulled sponsors. BET didn’t know what to really do and totally would not listen to the advice of the shows creator and it failed. But that didn’t keep Jam Donaldson down. She was determined to get her message out to the masses and do what she does best. She has a clear vision for where she wants to go and know that her media empire is just getting started with or without BET’s help.

So a few months ago we where on craigslist and stumbled upon an ad from Jam Donaldson. She was looking for help to relaunch her media empire and take the Hot Ghetto Mess brand to new heights. So we e-mailed and BAM Greasy and Jam instantly hit it off and what do you know…here today we are happy to show everyone the new And of course we are just getting started cause we plan to take Jam Donaldson and her brand to new levels of the web. So stay tuned. Jam with her new site will be able to reach her full vision. Jam worked closely with Johnathan Andersen Design to get exactly what she wanted up and running. So make sure you check it out!

A big special thanks to Johnathan Andersen Design Inc. for the AMAZING work. If you need web work then you need to go to ONLY him. He’s 100% the BEST!

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  • Anthony Taurus
    October 17, 2008

    I saw that nekked body wit the green things on it, I had to see what THAT was about. Being that I am a male and a marijuana connoisseur, that image was NOT hot ghetto mess to me. On top of that, there are a lot more images out there like that. I just hadn’t seen one with a black woman before. Wooooooooo. LOL.

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