Janet Jackson Concert Review: THe History of Janet Shines

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We got some last minute tickets to see Janet Jackson at the IZOD Center in NY last night and we must say that Janet is one of the greatest touring stage performers of our times. The “Roc Witch U” tour is less of a promotion for Janet’s latest album and more of a history lesson of why Janet is one of the greatest female entertainers of our times.

LL Cool J was suppose to open the show but he was a no show and wasn’t missed at all. Janet gave a 2 hour plus show of ALL OF HER HIT! No just a hand full of hits like Madonna’s “Sticky and Sweet” tour..but Janet did every single hit shes ever had. From Nasty Boys, to an explosive Blackcat with flames and fireworks, to IF, to every song that you love and more. This is the ultimate tour for Janet fans.

Janet even goes back into the vault and does a few of her early songs like “Young Love” and “Say You Do” and if you’re a true Janet fan you’ll be right there signing along with her to the classic songs.

The best moments of the show came when she dawned a long red ball gown and sang her classic slow songs like Again. We would really like to see Janet do an album of all slow songs. She had some of the best slow songs hands down.

All in All Janet is a legendary artist. All female pop stars have spawned and been inspired by her legacy. Even if she doesn’t release another album her historic rise to fame is what allows Britney Spears to be a success. But unfortunately Janet’s hard work ethic hasn’t carried over to our young pop stars. We might never see shows with such high levels of production put on by the new breed of pop divas. So see Janet NOW because this tour will be talked about for years and years to come.


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