Usher wants you to Vote! Releases “Hush”

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Usher debuts the “Hush” single today on iTunes as part of his continued national call-to-service for young people, which began with the Project Restart campaign after Hurricane Katrina, has continued over the years with his own New Look nonprofit organization and most recently continued with his appointment as Youth-Chair of the Service Nation Summit attended by over 500 Service Leaders including John McCain, Barack Obama, Hillary Clinton and Laura Bush. You can find out more about the song by visiting

Verse 1:
Everyday he wakes up in his million dollar home, his life is like a video, the only reality he knows.
He jumps inside of his hundred thousand dollar car, cruising up the boulevard driving past people living hard.

B-Verse 1:
He complains about the gas prices but still supports the war. He complains about his six figure salary taxed to feed the poor. He doesn’t understand the homeless and doesn’t think it’s genocide, that millions die from three lethal letters so he does (shhh) to make it better and I’m thinking (ooh).

Everybody wants to touch the sky but nobody wants to reach back for the ones who are scared to fly.
Everybody wants Heaven but if you don’t want to sacrifice then don’t say nothing, don’t say nothing…
Ooh Hush… Ooh Hush!

Verse 2:
She watches television full of fabricated shows. She thinks the world is just a joke but oh little does she know. That there’s a real life drama happening right outside her door that she continues to ignore but just like the T.V. the story repeats (yeah)…

B-Verse 2:
She keeps surfing through the channels skipping past the news. She’s more entertained by lies and gossip ‘cuz it hurts to see the truth. She complains about the nation but thinks it’s a waste of time to VOTE. She says the world has been corrupted forever and no one tries to make it better and I’m thinking (ooh)!!

Chorus 2: Repeats Twice

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