Greasy Guide to Urban Blogging: The Web Gets More Mobile

By Thursday, October 23, 2008 0 No tags Permalink 0

As we more forward in this wacky world of the web a lot of things have changes. I’ve been working on mobile projects for a while now and I’ve seen a lot of really cool technology that can be used to get information. But what I’m really waiting for mostly is to see more and more video on our handsets. I get tons of e-mails everyday from friends showing me the latest viral videos. Cause as we all know it’s funny seeing lolcats or dancing bears.

One thing I really love is 2D codes. They allow the real world and the world of the web to connect. They are easy to use, and soon just about every handset in the US will come with pre-installed software. So you’ll be able to wave your camera over a 2D code and get the latest viral video clip if you where out and about.

The mobile web offers endless possibilities but we all have to just take advantage of them. Soon us bloggers will have technology that will allow us to create native iPhone applications for our readers to download. Then we could show them as many anime video clip, cute pets, and any other content that we might think our readers would enjoy.

So all I want to know is….are you thinking about mobile?


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