Why Chase Bank of Manhattan is Dead to Me

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Dear Chase Bank,

I love you and hate you at the same time. But last night was the LAST straw. Now I had been shopping and brought some items at a sample sale. It’s what we New Yorkers do. Then I went to meet my friend for dinner. So it’s 10:30 and I’m trying to pay my bill and oh my card is DECLINED. And I’m like OMG I know I have money in my account. So I try to call Chase bank…and they have no customer service after 9pm. Even though it says 24 hour customer service line when you go to the ATM. So my card won’t even read and has to pay. Umm…how embarassing is that!

So I call Chase this morning and they are like where you in Birmingham. And I’m like fuck no. So we go down the list of the stuff I brought and they are like “well we thought someone was frauding your card from the sample sale.” And I’m like you idiots that sale was in NYC not Birmingham. And then I was like why did you guys call me before shutting down my card. And they where like we called you at 6:51pm. Which is a lie cause I was back at my house at that time and there is no phone call from Chase bank. And them bitches could have left me a message if it was that deep.

Anyway…if you have Chase bank close your account and go some place else. Chase has screwed me over for the last time.

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