How to Be Beyonce’s Alter-ego Sasha Fierce for Halloween

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So are you still looking for an outfit for Halloween? Well why not take some notes from Beyonce’s Sasha Fierce look as seen in her latest video “Single Ladies (Put A Ring On It).”

The look goes as follows:

1. The Hair: The Sasha Fierce look is all about big hair. Hair that you can fling around and shake it while dancing. So you wanna make sure you give your hair a lots of life and volume in the front and let it cascade down the back.

2. Dramatic Eye Make-up:

Check out this video from It’s Judy Time. She has the hair and the Make-up down perfectly. She will show you how to achieve the make-up look from the Single Ladies video.

3. The Outfit:

We suggest American Apparel as the best place to get your Sasha Fierce outfit. has a great costume builder application on their site. We suggest the Cotton Spandex Jersey Unitard ($32) or if you’re in a warm location you can go with the Cotton Spandex Jersey Tank Thong ($26).

Beyonce is sporting a nice piece of jewelry on her hand. We are not sure of its origins but we are guess it’s Asian inspired But we found this Bat ring from the costume store for $10. And we think it works with the look just fine.

Finish off the look with a black pump. If you don’t have a black pump you can go to Payless and pick up the Lance Flex Point Patent Pump for $19.99.

So there you have it folks a complete Sasha Fierce look for Halloween. If you want to go deeper get two friends to be your back up dancers and put together a short routine for yourselves while your at the hot party. You’ll be the hit of the night.

Check back tomorrow for our next look as we help you achieve the Will Smith as drunken Handcock look.

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  • LOLBlack
    October 27, 2008

    Now that’s a cute idea I’d love to see all the “single ladies” dressed like that on Friday. It’s very SEXY!

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