Create a Lil’ Wayne Halloween Costume

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Lil’ Wayne…Lil’ Wayne..what more can we say. He’s got a face only his mother could love. But we gotta love him cause he’s pretty much that dude that is on top of the Hip-Hop game right now. So why not dress like him for Halloween.

The look goes as follows:

1. The Clothing

Lil’ Wayne has an unlimited collection of exclusive and highly expensive Babe gear. He is over seen rocking the latest looks from Bebe. But unless you have $300-1000 to spend on Bape you’ll have to go for something a bit cheaper. We recommend going to your local Walmart and picking up the Men’s Allover Cassette Fleece Zip Hoodie. It can be had for $16. It will help you get that look without the expensive cost.

Now you’ll need to do a boxer shorts with baggy jeans and sneakers to finish off the look. You have to make sure that your pants hang low and sag off your ass in order to make it work. You can even add a pair of cheap sunglasses to give the look more fair and flash.

2. Bling Bling!

Lil’ Wayne has a ton of expensive bling bling. The costume shop or has fake plastic bling you and pick up for $2. American Apparel also has gold chains and other bling that you can get for a descent price. Don’t over do it to much but make it just enough.

3. The Hair

Lil Wayne has dreds and you can easily get this look from the costume shop for about $20. All you need is a rasta style wig. Lil’ Wayne’s hair is not this long so you should cut the hair down to the correct length.

4. Extra Swagger

Now if your up on your Lil’ Wayne trivia you’ll know that his homeboy Baby gave him $1 million bucks for his birthday. So why not recreate this moment by filling a briefcase with fake money.


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