Crazy Halloween Costumes Guys Should NOT Wear

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1. The Borat Mankini

If we see anyone on the street in the outfit we will throw eggs at you! Guys do not even attempt this look.

2. The Pimp

OMG I really totally hate Pimp Halloween costumes. Are you kidding me guys? If you can’t think of something more original then wearing the played out pimp costume then you should banished from Halloween forever.

3. Michael Jackson

The gloved on look and costume is very over done. We don’t want to see any guys in this at all. Only if you can give the complete Michael Jackson Thriller dance routine is this costume acceptable.

4. Balls Out Man

I can’t even believe that this got approved as a Halloween costume. If you see any guy wearing this costume then kick him in the nuts HARD..20 times. That will learn him!

5. Flava Flav

This costume is listed as “Rapper” but we all know it’s Flava Flav. Now we all know Flava Flav should be listed in the scary mask section and not the funny rapper section. Nice try..but avoid this costume.

6. Teletubbies Tinky Winky
Scream in HORROR as Tinky Winky is the scariest freakiest Halloween costume ever. Please dont scare everyone with this monstrosity of British television.


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