Best T-Shirts for Last Minute Halloween Costumes

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OK so you didn’t have time to really put together a costume. And know you don’t really have anything else to wear. Here are a few easy t-shirts that you can turn into instant Halloween costumes.

1. Wolverine

Go your X-Men on with this cool Wolverine t-shirt.

2. Charlie Brown

Your a loser Charlie Brown…but you don’t have to be. I’m totally going to rock this look for Halloween.

3. Big Chested Lady

You’ll have all the hot trick or treaters looking at your full chest. Ask them to cop a feel for full effect.

4. Dominatrix

All you need it a wip and your good to go with this Dominatrix t-shirt.

5. The Great Pumpkin

So just get your friend to be Charlie Brown and you can totally pull off the Great Pumpkin look.


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