Pics from Halloween Night in NYC 2008

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2 hot warrior guys…all the girls wanted their pictures taken with these 2.

Jabberwockies was a popular look for guys.

Tranny’s going for a Hot Dog Run

The guy from V for Vendetta

Sexy Pixies

The Teletubbies…all the kids pretty much attacked these guys for photos. People thought they where the real teletubbies.

Sexy Mexican Tranny

Fired-up Barack Obama Supporter

Jason from Friday the 13th

Sexy Pumpkin

A Wardrobe Malfunction

Mr. Bride

A really cool costume. You had to see it in the dark for it’s full effect.

Another really nice costume.

This guy was a voter registration machine. Some drink girls where attacking him and popping his bubble wrap. It was crazy.

Vote Obama pumpkin.

Cool pumpkins in the park.

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