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Music for Democracy is a grassroots organization of musicians, industry professionals, politicians, and music fans united by the conviction that America needs a new kind of politics to move forward toward a more peaceful, economically robust, and environmentally sustainable future. Our goal is to support candidates for federal office and facilitate public awareness campaigns that advance the agenda of progressive musicians, their fans, and the music community at large. MFD connects both well-known politicians, musicians and young upstart bands with a nationwide network of peers and fans who are passionately engaged in the electoral process. This widget serves as a tool to help connect several music artists such as, Chilli, Brian Michael Cox, Chingy, and Q the Kid among others, with their fans and people who are interested in voting.

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  • Louis Let's Dance
    November 17, 2008

    The them and subject of this post is very good. I like it. I think music is a cause for which we can(all our world) unite. i love “James Brown”, “Pavarotti”, both from different places but when they sung, they did the magic.

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