My Election Night in Harlem: Obama Wins, Harlem Erupts, Uma Thurman Dances, Australia visits

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Ok I had to get some sleep cause I didn’t get in until almost 4am. Last night was one of the most exciting nights of my life, and I hope it was for you to. The night began with us heading down town 125th st to watch some of the results on the big screen. Charles Rangel and several other campaign workers where there watching the results with the rest of harlem. Here are some photos:

The statue of hope in Harlem.

Charles Rangel in Harlem.

Then we left Harlem and went to a friends election watching party. We have had been chillin and watching the numbers for Obama go up. I know that once California came in that we could wrap this election. And once they announced that the 55 points came in from California we knew it was over. Everyone got up and started cheering. The people of Harlem where coming out of their houses and heading down to 125th st to join in the celebration and hear Obama’s acceptance speech. Here are some more photos:

The gang cheers on as they announce that Obama has won. Our vote does count!

There we ran out to the streets to be with the people of Harlem.

I’m super excited that Obama won!

125th st was NUTS! All of Harlem was there. We all rushed into the center of the election watching event to hear Obama’s acceptance speech.

This lady had an Obama cut out that everyone wanted to take a photo with….

Me and homeie found some Obama NY fliers and had to take a pic.

Governor Paterson gave an AMAZING speech to Harlem. I’m voting for him for President in 2016 and he better run cause he’s AWESOME. He could be the second Black President.

The man of the hour. There was not a dry eye in Harlem!

People where standing on top of cars.

People where carrying on and on and on in love.

We even spotted actress Uma Thurman in Harlem. We first saw her dancing on 125th st. Then I was like OMG that’s Uma Thurman. We so ran over to her Jeep and snapped this photo. I was trying to get a pic with her but her security wasn’t having that. She did buy a Barack Obama t-shirt from a vendor before leaving 125th. Thanks Uma for coming Uptown to celebrate.

Check out this car with Obama on it.

So this is Becky and her daughter. Becky is an American but she lives in Australia. She and her husband flew 15 hours to be in America for this historic election. We chatted with her for a while at one of the local pubs in Harlem. She left America in the 60’s after John F. Kennedy was shot. She now feels that America is on a new path and is even thinking about returning to the US. The whole world hated George Bush. He ruined the Republican party. Now it’s time for Barack Obama to re-build this nation and we must help him every step of the way.

  • D. Bell
    November 5, 2008

    Wow, this is a great post, Mike. Last night was absolutely amazing. I woke up this morning hoping it wasn’t just a dream. It is actually a dream come true.

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    April 2, 2009

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