The $1000 Barack Obama Newspaper Ebay Auction

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A stack of 400 newspapers from the Chicago Tribune Newspaper are selling for $1000 on ebay. This is just an example of how everyone is on a mad dash for newspapers with the new President on the cover. Everyone wants to own a piece of this historic moment and the frenzy continues today. I was at the news stand earlier talking to a few folks. The people working at the news stand have the best deal cause they get it first. Everyone in NYC is on a mad dash for the Amsterdam News with the full cover glossy photo of Obama and the first family. But it’s sold out jsut about everywhere. Click here to check out the $1000 auction.

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  • Tom
    November 7, 2008

    My coworker bought a Los Angeles Times Obama Victory newspaper for $18 at with free shipping. He was impressed that they carefully bubbled wrapped the newspaper and mailed it in a box! LOL!

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