Where to Find She by Sheree?

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On last nights episode of “Real Housewives of Atlanta” Sheree tried to kick start her fashion line, She by Sheree, by hosting a fashion preview. However, things didn’t go as planned as the samples for the line didn’t come out the way she wanted them. But now everyone is asking where they can see the real clothing from She by Sheree. Well looks like everyone will still have to wait. They do have a website up at http://shebysheree.com/ but the business is still listed as coming soon.

Sheree decided to start her own line after closing her popular Bella Azul clothing boutique in Atlanta. Now She by Sheree plans to take Sheree to the next level and kick start her career in fashion. So hopefully she will be able to find someone real to work with her and get the business started. I see from the previews of the show’s finale that she has a meeting with Michael Knight from Project Runway…but doesn’t look like he’s to thrilled about what he’s seeing from She by Sheree’s so far.

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  • veronicareimer
    August 11, 2009

    For God's sake, STOP making a spectacle of yourself. You fighting with that party planner was ridiculous. That's the example you set for your kids? The language you use and your constant threat to “kick ass” makes you no different than a thug on the street. You try to portray yourself as so classy and such a lady, but EVERY time you get pissed, you get GHETTO. You can tell how people really are by how they conduct themselves in less than ideal situations. Please don't get me started on the “Independence Party” you were hoping to get. Independence from what?! It's not as if you've been enslaved or haven't been to a party in years. I think you are an extremely self serving person who will do anything for attention and to get something free. I don't know how you don't cringe from embarrassment when you see you behaving like a guy on T.V. Im curious, are you involved in any charity work, and I don't mean a charity gala which you can use as a vehicle for publicity. I would like to know if you give your time to your church, or under privileged children, or even helping at the local soup kitchen for cryin' out loud. My opinion of you is someone who won't lift a finger unless you can benefit from it somehow. To say I have a low opinion of you would be an understatement.

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