Can Soulja Boy Go Platinum in 1 Week?

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Soulja Boy, you know that guy from the Internet craze “Crank Dat” is getting ready to drop a new album called ‘iSouljaBoyTellEm.’ So he’s planning on using his fan base and his social networking site to kick off his ‘Let’s Go Platinum In A Week Campaign.’, The new album lands on December 16th. Now his first album only sold about 117K and that was off the strength of having “Crank Dat” in your face every 10 minutes. But now the party is over for that song and none of his other follow up songs really stuck.

So how could he get this done?

1. Offer exclusive content to those who buy the album.
2. Offer the album for $4 from iTunes
3. Put out a party jam that everyone likes and build momentum for the album.
4. Give the album away for free

Soulja Boy might just have to come to the realization that your only has good as your last Internet hit.

Check out this message from Soulja Boy

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  • michelle_334
    November 15, 2008

    i like u will u come to montgomery and move with me on 1402 dunbarton road and me and u can move alone an d have no kids

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