A Note to Kanye West: “Nobody digs your music but yourself!”

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Dear Kanye,

I’m sure you have seen the classic movie called “Purple Rain.” There is a moment in the movie that I think you need to pay attention to. In the movie Kid get grilled by the club owner for leaving the stage early. Then the club owner goes on to say, “Nobody digs your music but yourself!”

There was a point in the career of Prince where people didn’t get his music. He was throwing a lot of weird things together and it just wasn’t working like he wanted it to. People where not relating the music that he was putting out and he wasn’t selling as many albums as he use to.

That’s what we feel when we listen to 808’s and Heartbreaks. Dude we feel for you and the loss of your mother, but this album is just NOT GOOD. There is just something about the album that doesn’t click. I think you’ve gotten away from the elements that made you good and have gone to some other place where boring music exist.

Fix it!

– Love GG

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  • hank1972
    April 24, 2013

    Great reference…. but Prince is a musical genius…. Kayne is a fucked up asshole

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