My Pics from Inside the TRL Finale: Beyonce, 50 Cent, Justin Timberlake and more.

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Wow! This was a really amazing night of live blogging for us. We totally loved the TRL Finale performances. Thanks MTV staff and Fanscape for being SUPER EXTRA NICE and making sure that we had everything we needed.

So first of all Time Square was packed tonight. All the TRL fans where outside of 1515 Broadway and you could barely move. Everyone was super excited as we watched all the celebrities do their soundchecks before the show started.

Here’s a shot of Nelly doing his soundcheck. We were standing outside of 1515 Broadway near the Toys R. Us.

Some band was outside promoting their album and one of the band members was wearing this chicken head. You just can’t pass up a guy with a chicken head on. It’s the little crazy photos that we love.

It was all about Beyonce tonight. She looked AMAZING! And what was even cooler is that we get to set in on her soundcheck. We were just chillin in the back and Beyonce was on stage. She then started doing Crazy in Love and then If I Were A Boy. It was so cool and she looks EXACTLY like she does on TV.

Beyonce all girl Band member is getting ready to do her thing.

Another one of Beyonce’s all girl band members.

Beyonce and her glam team get all the final touches done before the cameras go live.

Beyonce is now set and ready to give it all of her Sasha Fierceness.

Beyonce wants to know if there are any Single Ladies in the house.

Then Beyonce got down and dirty for a little song called Crazy in Love.

Heyy…Carson Daily is back for the finale.

Diddy joisn in on the fun and gets emotional. Diddy has visited TRL almost 40 times.

It’s Justin Timberlake!

Kid Rock and Carson Daily. Kid Rock stunk up the place with that nasty cigar.

Lala is going over her script.

Lala and Carson Daily right before their segment.

It’s Snoop Dogg on stage! The audience went crazy during the Hip-Hop segment.

Everyone on stage after the Hip-Hop performance. Lala’s eyes are buggin out here.

More Justin Timberlake.

Beyonce’s band members came out..they wanted to see 50 Cent and G-Unit.

50 Cent was ready to get it on and poppin with the live band.

50 Cent was GOOD AS HELL! Everyone was feeling the energy of 50 Cent and G-Unit.

50 Cent knows how to get the party on and started!

Even Carson Daily was enjoying 50 Cent and G-unit during the TRL Finale.

Lloyd Banks is in the house.

Members of Good Charlotte.

Justin and his new artist that he discovered on YouTube, Esmee Denters.

It’s a wrap. TRL is Done for good. It was fun having TRL around for so many years. TRL was suppose to be replaces by a show called YouRL but the pilot show didn’t test well at all. So the powers that be at MTV decided to let TRL go. TRL will be missed…but from what I hear MTV is going to do more specials, more performance shows, and try to get back to what really made MTV such an important force in the music industry.

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  • Berry
    November 17, 2008

    You got some great pictures. You should watermark them otherwise they will wind up all over the web if they haven't already

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