Trouble for Ciara as “Fantasy Ride” is Delayed Until Spring 2009

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Ciara’s new album “Fantasy Ride” was slated to come out in Dec. then t was bumped to Jan. 2009 but now they label doesn’t want to put a date on the album until they find the right single? This is just another example of how the music business has lost touch with the fans. Everything doesn’t have to be done in a board room. They should have let the fans decide what single to put out from a pool of 4-5 songs. Instead some music executive though “Go Girl” was a good song. Here’s what the label had to say:

“The response to ‘Go Girl’ wasn’t strong enough to ignite an album.” “It’s a nice setup single because [the video] introduces Ciara’s new look and her new body, but it’s not the opener”. “Ciara opened very wide with her first album, which gave her a broad audience and crossover appeal. Her second album was a little more urban. With Fantasy Ride, they’re trying to strike a balance [between pop and urban] while looking for the right single. Right now, we are anticipating it for spring 2009, but we’re not gonna put another date on it”.

If I were Ciara I’d fire everyone…leave the label and promote my own music. Ciara has a following and will do well. Free her music to the people and put here on a tour.

  • BG
    November 20, 2008

    Exactly. Go Girl was not Ciara's choice for a single. The label wanted Tpain on the record so they could sell some ringtones but it didnt work. Ciara's market is completely different. Most labels are out of touch with what music lovers really want and its not ring tone music. We want good artists not good singles.

  • greasyguide
    November 20, 2008

    I'm super extra tired of T-pain. I hope that wasn't apart of their decision process for her album. But I believe it in these days..I would have never picked Go Girl.

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