A Look inside Harlem’s New OH Restaurant and Lounge/Private Club

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The downstairs bar area at OH Restaurant and Lounge

We just got back from the opening of Oh Restaurant and Lounge at 458 W. 145th st in Harlem. The menu consisted of mini catfish sliders, mini 145st st. turkey burgers with bbq sauce, gourmet pizza, and chicken wings. This new Harlem space serves to bring something high end and different to the Harlem area. “Daddy O” Holland is the creator and founder of this new concept for Harlem.

OH’s Restaurant, Lounge and Private Club will not only be a hotspot for dining, lounging and entertainment in Harlem, but it will also be a place where businesses, owners and professionals can host and attend events that promote urban commerce and progression. During an economic downturn when many businesses are failing, OH will focus on building strategic alliances with other establishments to expand market penetration and allow cross promotion. 

The first floor serves as a bar area. The second flood serves at the dining area and lounge. The third floor is the members only section of the club where membership has its privileges. The members only club has 2 levels and ways to get in. For $500 you can become a member of the club and bring guest and have access to top notch service, food and drinks at discount prices, and access to the private area of the establishment for yourself and your guest. For $1000 you can get full VIP access to the entire place and enjoy even more services. There is a screening process to entry into the club membership but it’s open to all who would like to join. Once a member you’ll have access to exclusive member events, access to the 3rd floor, and you can bring guest to the space.

Preferred customers will be offered membership to OH’s Clubhouse, where they can enjoy a private bar and wait staff, high-tech entertainment and video equipment, a cigar terrace, exclusive member’s only events, offers and more.

I really like the concept and I am thinking of joining the club. It was also a great place to network. I gave out all of my business cards that I brought with me and everyone was super nice and talkative. So thank God that Harlem has all of these new places…Harlem is the place to be in NYC right now.

I personally liked the concept and the gaming section was seriously nice. The 145th St. Turkey Burger was the best thing ever! It was well season and the bbq sauce was what really brought it all home. The catfish slider was just to much bread wrapped around a piece of catfish. The catfish can stand alone and doesn’t need to be a slider. But overall the food was pretty good and we totally want to check out their Sunday brunch.

Check out pics from the space:

The Operations Manager holds up the membership card.

the OH Restaurant and Lounge logo

Stunning chandler

Beautiful art work on the walls.

More from the downstairs bar.

Upstairs lounge area..very sexy red.

Some of the furniture from the space.

  • Amber
    January 7, 2009

    I actually did the PR and put on the Grand Opening for OH and still have not been paid. It's so sad how we do our own people. I put the whole thing together in two weeks and pushed my other clients to the side. It was a great night. 35 press hits! full house! and still owner, O'Dell Holland has not paid me.

  • Mike Street
    January 7, 2009

    LAWD that's horrible. Break out your contract and take him to small claims court.

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    nice private club with bar inside and ambiance is wonderful of the hotels.

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    October 2, 2009

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