Twilight Hits the US..Teen Girls Go Crazy

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So what is all the fuss over Twilight? Well if you have to ask this story of human and vampire love has taken the teen girl world by storm. Twilight hit the box office at midnight and thousands of girls where read and in there seats to watch what will be the next big pop culture phenom since Harry Potter.

So here are few things you should know about Twilight so you can pretend to be hip:

1. The Twilight series is written by Stephenie Meyers.

2. The series currently has 4 books. Book 1 is called Twilight. Book 2 is called New Moon, Book 3 is called Eclipse and Book 4 is called Breaking Dawn.

3. The main characters are Bella and her vampire boyfriend Edward.

4. Fans of the series are called Twilighters.

5. Jacob is the other hot guy the girls love in Twilight. He can turn into a werewolf. It’s pretty much Edward vs Jacob for the hand of Bella as the books continue on.

  • Designer Handbags
    November 22, 2008

    Actually i have read second part New Moon in that itself i impressed lot Stephenie Meyers written, its really great i love edward in this series

  • Haley
    December 11, 2008

    Twilight is the best book ever and i know all there is to know about twilight and i cant wait until the offical guide comes out so that i can learn even more about my TOP 4 books ever.

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