Dwight is the 6th Real Housewife of Atlanta

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Bravo let the man out of the bag and named Dwight the 6th and honorary member of the Real Housewives of Atlanta. Dwight let the ladies know that he thought all the cat fighting on the show was “tray tray declassy” and hoped that all the ladies could just get along on the show. Things came to a head as NeNe and Lisa both fought with Kim during the reunion show. Nene let it be known that she is no longer interested in being friends with Kim. While Kim and Lisa got into a HUGE fight and Lisa was ready to flip Kim over the couch. Nene and Lisa are working on a book together while DeShawn has gone back to school to get her Master in Divinity. She by Sheree is planning to hit in Fall of 2009, and Kim is working on her fake country western album. And sorry ya’ll but there is no way in hell that Kim is 30!

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