Tabitha Smith on HIV/AIDS

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Social Media Strategist, Tabitha Smith (, shared her story with on how HIV/AIDS has touched her life:

I never knew anyone who was HIV positive until I was a senior in college. That’s when I met Dave (not his real name). Dave was a sophomore, smart, funny and very open to talking about his experiences and how he became HIV positive (he was a former drug dealer). Dave was not what I was expecting. He was clean cut, soft spoken and always thinking of others. Not what you would normally associate with a former drug dealer.

Dave made me think.

Up until then AIDS had been a story of someone else, someone far away, not someone I cared about. Of course I had sympathy for those dealing with the disease, but it wasn’t until Dave that I felt compassion for people with the disease. Shortly afterwards I began seeing what was going on in Africa, I mean really seeing. Even though I felt like there wasn’t a lot I could do, I try to pitch in whenever possible. I buy red products, I tell people Dave’s story, and try to break down misconceptions when I face them.

Here’s to Dave. And to stopping this horrible disease.

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