Social Media, and World Aids Day

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Yesterday was World Aids Day and we wanted to recap some of the cool things you can do via social media and mobile to raise your awarness level around the issues we are facing now. Text messages, Facebook, and Second Life are just a few of the new main stream media ways you can get involved and be aware.

* Encouraged your frineds to join the “Facing AIDS: World AIDS Day 2008” Campaign to help reduce the stigma around HIV/AIDS. More info at:

Blog about HIV/AIDS
* Participate in a Blogging Call to Action. and the National Institute on Drug Abuse partnered with Blog Catalog. We invited bloggers to write about HIV/AIDS on December 1. Why not use your blog as a means to get the word out about HIV/AIDS and what can be done to stop it’s spread.

* Linked People to HIV Testing Centers via Text Messaging To find an HIV testing site near you, send a text message with your ZIP code to “KNOWIT” (566948) or visit Promote KNOWIT by copying the code at and pasting it on
your profile, website, or blog.

Virtual World
* World Aids Day was present in the virtual world know as Second Live. Member from presented at the the World AIDS Day Event in Second Life. Now that’s 100% cool!

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