Terry McMillan’s Ex-Husband Jonathan Plummer and Podcaster Steven Blank dating?

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The urban internet has been on fire over the photos of Jonathan Plummer and podcaster Steven Blank. One pic of a “kiss” now has Jonathan Plummer and Steven Blank listed as a couple or as “his boo” on several websites. Now if you all remember Jonathan Plummer is the ex-husband of author Terry McMillan. They had a very nasty divorce which came to a head on an episode of Oprah.

But we don’t think they are a couple. A look at http://www.myspace.com/pinkmafiaradio has several pics of Steven with B and C list celebs like Eva Pigford from American’s Next Top Model, the Cast of Noah’s Arc, and a few porn stars.

Updated: If you dig even deeper into Steven Blank’s Flick.com account you can see that the photos where taken in October. They show that Steven Blank probably just met him out at a function and they snapped a few pics.


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