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First it was, the African-American Web-Browser, now it’s, the for African-Americans. will serve the African-American community with competitive pricing on more than 4,000 black book titles and 2,000 urban DVDs culled from major studios, publishers and independent suppliers. All products are offered in a searchable and easy-to-navigate urban destination for one-stop shopping.

In addition, as the nation’s leading producer of urban filmed content, Codeblack Enterprises will offer exclusive digital distribution of its internal catalog through Black movie fans can seamlessly view curated selections with the click of a mouse on all digitally enabled devices. Available on-demand content on features Academy Award winners Jamie Foxx, Terrence Howard and Cuba Gooding Jr., plus top stars Gabrielle Union, Vanessa Williams, Blair Underwood, Hill Harper and Steve Harvey, among others.

We took a look around the store and it’s not to bad. Sign up is quick and easy and you can order something from anywhere on the site in a snap. But I’m a HUGE users of Paypal and I would like to see CodeBlack add Paypal as a payment option.

The store has all the African-American movies that are popular and I was surprised to find some obscure titles that you really can’t find everywhere or have to hunt down on ebay. The also have DVD and Blu-Ray titles for your enjoyment. But if you know me I’m going to need this service to switch over to some type of digital download service quickly.

CodeBlack is missing the #1 killer piece of content which is music. There are no Hip-hop, R&B, Soul, or any type of music to be be brought from their store. Without music I don’t really see this store being able to compete with Amazon. I mean you can buy groceries from Amazon…I LOVE AMAZON! And I’m not 100% sold that we as African-American need these niche sites or programs in order to get our attention. We like mainstream stuff just like everyone else.

“With, we extend our company’s mission to serve the black community by encouraging discovery and ownership of the best in African-American artistic expression,” explains Quincy Newell, President of Codeblack Interactive. “The launch of answers the long-ignored call from African-American consumers for a quality online retail experience dedicated to urban entertainment.”

I really don’t feel ignored online…do you?

  • Pl2IDE
    December 14, 2009

    Code Black Interactive’s businesses include the distribution of digital assets of independent film makers over various multi-media platforms in partnership with Universal Distribution, aggregation of urban content in the digital media space, access pay-per-view and ad-supported video content via Code Black TV, an online e-commerce store offering more than 4,000 books and 15,000 DVDs, and offering website development services to third parties who want to create their own online destinations.

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    January 24, 2010

    Sell one item a day at an unbeatable discounted price, extending the customers savings even more! A new item is listed every midnight and remains available for 24 hours or until the item is sold out

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