Superstar Hairstylist Latoya Dawson Opens Capelli NYC Salon in Brooklyn

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My homegirl Daria Fennell, PR superstar, has been telling me a lot about Latoya Dawson. I was meeting up with Daria one day for a chat and I was telling her how much I love her hair. Well she let me know that Latoya Dawson hooked her hair up and that she just recently opened her own Salon in Brooklyn. The Capelli NYC Salon is located at 465 Lincoln Place (bwt.Franklin & Classon) Brooklyn, NY 11238 For appointments: 347-295-0411/0410

You also check out Capelli Salon via Facebook or MySpace.

We got a moment to chat with Latoya Dawson about Capelli NYC Salon and some of the famous people she has worked with. Here’s what she had to say:

GG: So what inspired you to open your own salon?

Latoya Dawson: Basically I just wanted to create a nice, trendy, and eclectic space for my clients. I cater to working class Black woman. I wanted to create a nice space so that they can feel like DIVAS. I’ve seen what to do and what not to do and I had a lot of ideas and I pulled that into my vision that is Capelli NYC. I love interior design! I subscribe to a lot of different design magazines. And looking into these design magazine helped me to create something really nice. It was a combination of magazines that I love and different places in NYC that have given me the full inspiration for the look of the space.

I wanted the space to be clean and pure. A lot of candles, a fireplace, and I just want everyone who comes in to feel relaxed. It has a nice feel to it and I encourage everyone to come in. I love Marilyn Monroe, James Dean, and Bob Marley and I have their photos around. It’s not a stuffy place…it’s just really trendy and it has a nice vibe. In terms of music I play it all from Frank Sanata to Maroon 5 to Bob Marley. I’m really excited and the feedback so far has been AMAZING!

GG: With the holidays coming up what should our female reads do to make sure they have perfect holiday hair at the office party?

Latoya Dawson: Avoid a lot of grease. All that stuff weights your hair down. Your hair should be flowing and nice and something that moves. But keep it nice and simple and avoid a lot of products. All those products mess up your hair and make it look unhealthy at times. So keep it simple and you’ll be fine.

GG: So how did you come to work with Keyshia Cole?

Latoya Dawson: I worked on Keyshia about 3 times. I have a lot of friends who are socialites, they are party girls. I have a friend who is in the camp with Keyshia. So Keyshia’s hair stylist wasn’t available one time so I got the call to help her out. What I basically did was help her get kind of like a Mo’ Hawk look for an event she was going to. Keyshia was very nice and very down to earth and I love working with her whenever she needs me.

GG: What do you think is the key aspect of Capelli NYC that will set it apart from other salons?

Latoya Dawson: What’s going to make my salon pop is that we use very good products, quality is key. Also alot of salons make you wait a long time. We don’t believe in that. When you come in you are greeted and we help you get relaxed right away. We put our clients in robes and help them relax. In less then 30 minutes we will have our clients prepping for their hair. We do not believe in having our customers here for 5 hours. Also, we will keep up with the latest trends, and we are always professional. It’s providing good customer service that will make us successful.

GG: What black hair blogs or sites should our readers be checking out.

Latoya Dawson:, they have a really good site and I suggest that everyone read that. That’s the only site I would really recommend anyone to read because it is very robust and has a lot of information there.

Latoya Dawson encourages everyone to come up and check out Capelli NYC salon in Brooklyn. Let her know you heard about it here on

  • D. Bell
    December 14, 2008

    Nice piece! Makes me want to go get my hair done

  • Erica
    December 16, 2008

    I love Latoya!! She always does an amazing job on my hair..and the salon is beautiful….love it!!! LaToya keeps me looking fly!!!

  • Lily
    March 25, 2009

    My experience w/LaToya has been great. Knowing that she caters to African Ameriican women, I took the chance in going into her salon to have her do my hair. To start off, I am Hispanic and was little skeptical in whether I would be happy w/my results….I must say taht my first encounter w/LaToya was really cool, she made me feel welcomed and very comfortable, she salon setting is great. In entering the salon you are treatied in the sense like you are “special” not too many salons have that hospitality. The atmosphere @ Capelli's is so welcoming and relaxing.
    Kudos to LaToya, I've become one of her regulars and have gotten amazing compliments on my hair and would refer LaToya to my friends….
    Sending out mad love to LaToya and wishing her blessing in her success!!!!

  • Tina
    October 20, 2010

    Toya is a great stylist very nice girl. I was a regular of Toya’s but I moved to far to keep up. But when I am in town I will be visiting. I am so happy for her she has worked very hard for this. Congrads girl up the good very proud of you.

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