Where to find Obama Christmas Tree Ornaments

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Obama fever is still running wild! As we move closer to January and the January 20th inauguration, people are still celebrating the victory and it’s even moved over to Christmas Trees. Now I went to a tree trimming party and I brought some large sized Obama stickers to the event, and we put them all on the Christmas Tree. But now many artist and cafepress shops have created their own Obama Christmas Tree Ornaments.

Lets take a look at what we found:

Barack Obama Ornament from Etsy.com seller oneplaidaunt. $5.

Clear Glass Hope Ornament by Esty seller MerryFeltCrafts $5.

LOT OF EIGHT Barack Obama Holiday Christmas Tree Ornaments by Via Delia $48.

Obama Holiday Tree Ornament by Esty seller jellyBGreen

Barack Obama Christmas ornaments 3-pack by Esty seller FullFrogMoon $36.

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