Job Hunting in a Bad Economy – DIG YOUR JOB: Keep it or Find a New One

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Hi reader! We LOVE You! And we know that times out there are hard and that competition in the job market is a serious battle. We’ve been there! I survived the dot com layoffs and I wanted to let you know is that you will come out better once this is all over. Things will not be bad always.

So we’ve decided to launch a new series on called Job Hunting in a Bad Economy. And we want to kick this off with talking about an AMAZING new book from G.L. Hoffman. His new e-book is titled “Dig Your Job: Keep it or Find a New One” offers some MUST KNOW tips for getting by in this crazy job market. Click here to buy the book now for only $10.

The most important thing about his book are the Recession Protector Tips.Dig Your Job” has over 50 genius tips that will help you keep your job going in bad times and will help you avoid the massive pink slips that have been coming down as of late. It’s a must read for any of you who might have recently been laid or for those of you looking.


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