Job Hunting in a Bad Economy: Niche Job Hunting Sites are the new Black

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Joe Ewaskiw, the PR Manager for talks about how Niche job hunting site are the new black and how they will save everyone time and money:

We believe that as the Internet matures, the online employment world is evolving away from job listings mega-sites like Monster and more toward targeted, niche job sites that focus on specific types of jobs (i.e. part-time jobs) and/or specific industries. These sites can save job hunters a significant amount of time by listing only opportunities in the industries in which they specialize. Employers like these sites as well, since the sites allow employers to market job opportunities to a more targeted audience and avoid an onslaught of thousands of resumes from people whose work experience isn’t a good match for a particular position.

 While they’re growing in popularity, these specialty job listings sites still remain somewhat of a “hidden gem” for job seekers, since many don’t realize such sites exist. If we could share one piece of job-hunting advice with readers of Greasyguide, it would be to check for specialty job sites devoted entirely to the particular job type or industry in which they’re interested. Doing so could save a lot of time otherwise spent sifting through lots of irrelevant job opportunities, and allow job hunters to apply to more positions they’re actually interested in. Many times, these sites also have active communities where job hunters can interact with industry peers and get advice about specific companies, salaries, and other insider-type information.

Here are some sites that Internet Brands operates that are examples of specialty job listings sites: – focused on aviation and aerospace jobs – focused on trucking jobs – focused on part time, seasonal, and hourly jobs – focused on medical and healthcare jobs – focused on freelance jobs for freelance workers such as graphic designers and writers – focused on nursing jobs – focused on work-at-home jobs

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    June 8, 2011

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