Job Hunting in a Bad Economy: Tips from John Kaufman

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Job hunting tips from John Kaufman the Managing partner of AgentHR:

In my career as a professional recruiter one of the most common questions I hear is, “How can I find a job when the economy is so bad?”.

The first thing to understand is that the overall unemployment rate is still very low. Economists tag approximately 5% as “Full Employment”. Full Employment is the point in the economy where everyone that is capable of holding a job and actually wants a job, probably has one. According to The US Department of Labor website ( Unemployment in November was 6.7%. This means that only about 1.7% of the employable population is currently unemployed. In other words if you are employable (sober, punctual, reliable, and competent) you have better than a 98% chance of being employed right now. The job market has tightened, but there are many companies that are actively hiring right now. And Believe it or not, there is actually a labor shortage in this country in many positions.

The most important steps to finding a job in a tight economy are:

· Update your resume while you are still employed. Don’t wait to get laid off before updating your resume. Always include quantifiable information in your resume that shows that you are a star performer. IE saved the company $X by doing action Y

· Clean up your online image. Remove any images, blog posts, etc… that may be lurking on the web which could get you eliminated from contention. Many employers do web searches prior to hiring someone, and nothing will lead to removal from the hiring process faster than evidence of embarrassing or illegal activities posted on your web page, or social networking account.

· Keep a positive attitude. When you land an interview the most important thing is to be confident, and positive. Employers don’t like to hire people with negative attitudes or who have low self esteem. When a company hires you they are making an investment in their company’s success. If you present yourself as a worthy investment, you’ll be surprised how many opportunities there really are.


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