Job Hunting in a Bad Economy: Tips from Saba Kennedy-Washington

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My homegirl Saba Kennedy-Washington had some really awesome job hunting tips to share with the family. Check them out below:

  • Incorporate yourself – look at yourself as a brand and NOT  an employee.  Gone are the days when one seeks jobs –  You must  take inventory of your skills – and see how you can transfer them across industries.
  • Utilize social networking – to expand your contacts across continents –
  • Be open to opportunities and be willing to travel – your next contract/gig might not even be in the USA.
  • Learn how to navigate across cultural lines and connect with people of varying backgrounds because we are officially in a global economy.
  • Be willing to volunteer to gain experience, new skill sets and for networking. With this approach, people can see what you are able to do – not just what your resume says.

WOW Saba…I love your thinking and EVERYONE needs to take her tips to heart.

Saba is a marketing Diva and is currently the VP of Marketing for and is also working with the Wu-Tang movie and you can visit them at


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