Bounce Back from Your Layoff with help from Sharon Rich

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Sharon Rich is the creator and lead consultant of Leadership Incorporated. She helps prepare business leaders to easily meet the demands of the path to peak organizational and personal success in ways that enhance the life experience of the organization, its employees, the people it serves and the leaders themselves.

One of the tips I give job seekers is to focus on the process not on the end result. We can’t control whether or not we GET a job. And every day that we hold getting a job as our goal and don’t get one, we are in failure, which erodes our confidence and our ability to see and create opportunities. If instead we shift our goal to creating the conditions that will result in getting a job, we can be successful every day, our confidence builds and our minds instead of focusing on how awful everything is can work more creatively on finding opportunities.

I had a client who is an actor who wanted to get movie roles. She spent a lot of her time agonizing over why she wasn’t getting roles when all her drama school buddies had been landing them for years. When we shifted her focus to what conditions needed to be in place for movie roles to happen, she was able to come up with a whole list of actions she could take that hadn’t occurred to her before. She had two movies booked within two months.

This is just one of a long list of useful perspective shifts that I provide in a free teleseminar that I’m offering (the first monday of every month, for as long as its needed) specifically to help people who’ve been laid off. For those who are interested I’m putting together a low-cost teleseminar series that goes into more depth on various survival strategies for our times. For people who want more interactive support, I’m also offering low-cost facilitated mastermind groups, where a small group of approximately 8 can come together every week for brainstorming, feedback, emotional support, community, accountability, sharing of resources and other activities that can help people to be proactive and stay on track. To sign up for the free teleseminar, send people to

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