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Roxanne Ravenel, Job Search Coach & Consultant, and author of The Savvy Jobseeker’s Guide & Workbook, host of The Savvy Jobseeker Podcast, and the founder of The Job Lab (, an online coaching, support, and resource center for job hunters has nice enough to supply the readers with these useful job tips.

Here’s my advice: Don’t play the job search victim, even if you are one. Yes, the job market is worse than it’s been in many years. But, at the same time, job hunters must recognize the power that they do have to affect the outcome of their job search. This requires:

*       Conducting an honest self-assessment – Make a list of your skills, experience, training, etc. Know what skills are currently in demand in your field or industry. Recognize opportunities for improvement and look for ways to improve skills.
*       Create an ideal work profile – Know exactly what you’re looking for before you begin your job search. Research your industry overall and in your targeted geographic areas. Research similar industries or those to which you could easily transfer your current skill set. Be clear about your career objectives.
*       Develop a strategic job search plan – Plan is the operative word. Don’t be haphazard in your job search. Educate yourself about effective job search strategies. Create and implement a plan that uses a strategic mix of job search methods. Set goals and track your progress. Create an accomplishment-driven, employer-focused resume – While you
are the subject of the resume, the focus should be on the needs of the employer. A well-written resume provides relevant accomplishments that speak to the needs of the employer rather than a laundry list of past duties. Each resume must be tailored for its particular audience.
*       Prepare for a successful interview – Interviewing well is a skill that anyone can learn. Research the organization. Prepare for potential interview questions. Practice your responses to typical questions, preferably with a job search coach, friend or relative. Objective feedback is essential to your interview success.

Taking control of your job search will help you to remain focused, especially during periods when results are minimal. This is crucial because job hunters tend to lose motivation after the first few weeks of the job search. In a tough economy, you must remain completely engaged in your job search until you’ve achieved success.

The five-steps above are outlined in great detail in The Savvy Jobseeker’s Guide & Workbook (

  • gl hoffman
    December 17, 2008

    Dont forget the only place to find un advertised jobs:

  • greasyguide
    December 17, 2008

    So true LinkedIn is really go. I'm also a big fan of Craigslist and There are a lot of hidden content jobs in it's not all about tech and programming.

  • RRavenel
    December 18, 2008

    A successful job search plan should definitely include strategies for tapping into the hidden job market. A high percentage of jobs are filled before we ever know that they are available. I definitely recommend taking advantage of social networking. But, never forget how powerful networking in person can be.

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