Find the Right Job For You – Even in Tough Times from Benjamin Yoskovitz of Standout Jobs.

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Job hunting tips from Benjamin Yoskovitz, CEO and founder of Standout Jobs.

We all know that the economy is in turmoil and job losses are mounting every day. It’s a scary time. And job seekers, who are growing more and more desperate by the minute to find a job, are in for tough times. You can’t sugarcoat the situation.

But there is hope.

There are companies that are still hiring. Standout Jobs has hundreds of them listing jobs across North America and elsewhere.

That doesn’t mean you should apply to every job out there, like it’s a free-for-all in the hopes of finding a job. Even in tough times, it’s critical to find the RIGHT job.

The consequences of taking the wrong job are significant. You may leave (or be let go). You may find yourself extremely unhappy (although getting paid is always nice.) And you will more than likely stop looking for work because you’ve just started a new job. That complacency in a job that’s the wrong fit could hurt you in a big way if you find yourself looking for work in a few months down the road.

Find the right job. And find the right company.

It’s critical that you look for companies that are a great cultural and personal fit. You have to look for companies that stand out to you, where you could visualize yourself working every day for years to come. Companies that are actively recruiting, showing off their employment brand, giving you a sneak peak inside their work culture and environment are the types of companies that are really recruiting; not just throwing up a job posting.

You want to find a company that treats you well during the recruitment and hiring process. If they don’t treat you well when you apply for a job and during the interview process — how do you expect you’ll be treated when you’re working for them?

You want a company that is engaged and interactive. That provides a career website with lots of information that you can dig into, and is responsive when you ask questions and apply. Job seekers are eternally frustrated when applying for a job and never hearing any feedback.

It’s easy to apply to every job out there. It’s easy to take the first job that comes. And maybe that job is the right fit. My recommendation would be to do your research. Check out the companies you’re applying for, make sure you have a strong sense of their employer brand and cultural fit. Make sure you’re applying to work there – not just because you need a job, but because you want to work there. And ultimately you’ll find the right job and the right fit, and be much more successful.

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